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How can you improve and sustain innovation while getting guaranteed results?

For almost 20 years SolutionPeople, led by Gerald "Solutionman" Haman has thought beyond the box to develop solutions that helped innovators generate over 2 million ideas valued at over $2 billion U.S. dollars. Leaders from 160 Fortune 500 companies and 120,000 people from 26 countries on six continents have gained significant ROI (Return on Innovation) by experiencing our award-winning, record-setting solutions.

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Since 1989, SolutionPeople has “focused” on developing innovation resources.

Our Mission Is Focused:
Maximize Your Human Capital to Multiply Your Success

We Guarantee ROI (Return On Ideas)

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You know investments precede dividends. SolutionPeople’s ROI Guarantee is simple. For every dollar you invest with SolutionPeople we guarantee, it will pay for itself or yield a greater return. Invest $100 for a KnowBrainer tool, $500 for FlashBrainer software, or $1,000 to experience Accelerated Innovation training and the value of the ideas you generate will exceed your investment.

Invest $50,000 for a team facilitation or $100,000 for a large group innovation event or meeting and the value of the ideas you generated will exceed your investment. SolutionPeople Guarantees the ROI.

When you invest more time and money with SolutionPeople you will save more time and accelerate your progress toward profits. One client’s million dollar investment with SolutionPeople have produced returns that already exceeded several hundred million dollars, over time it may exceed a BILLION dollars.

Our Name Says it All – We help people find “Solutions”
SolutionPeople wants to help you develop the full power of your innovative potential. We will partner with you
to develop and implement customized solutions that accelerate creativity and sustain continuous innovation.
We collaborate to create cultures and teams that consistently develop and implement profitable solutions.

Since 1989, SolutionPeople has “focused” on developing innovation resources. As a result, we have developed
a menu of six modular solutions that can be used by large organizations, small teams and individuals. The menu includes training, processes, facilitations, tools, coaching, meetings and creative spaces.

Successful results are achieved when you apply our solutions to real-world needs such as product development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, process improvement, team meetings and workspace space design.

The Sky is the Limit
If the sky was the limit, how might you address your goal, challenge or problem?
Innovators know there is more than one right answer. Some people need training and others want facilitations or innovative meetings. Many people want more tools, while others seek innovation processes or models. Regardless
of your need or question, SolutionPeople has several potential answers.

If you had unlimited time and resources you might use SolutionPeople’s full menu of innovation resources. You could train your people to apply proven processes. Equip your people with tools and technology. Facilitate your teams to solve problems. You could even hold interactive innovation meetings and events to build innovation centers to inspire imaginations. With Solutionpeople all of this is possible, only the sky is the limit!

You may already know what is needed; if not SolutionPeople can help you conduct an Innovation Investigation™ assessment to figure out what the best solutions might be.

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