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Acclerated Innovation Training

Advanced Certifications
KnowBrainer Trainer Certification
Innovation Facilitator Certification
Innovation Coach Certification
Innovation Models and Processes

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Day 1 - Workshop 103: How to Facilitate Team Innovation Meetings & Experiences 
3-hour Follow-up Webinar 303: Questionate-to-Facilitate (Advanced Question Banking)
3-hour Follow-up Webinar 304: Mastering Innovation Facilitation Techniques
Ten 60-minute Webinars: Innovation Facilitation Tools & Techniques Series
Prerequisites: Complete Innovation Trainer Certification Workshops 101 & 102
Benefit: Be qualified to facilitate innovative teams, meetings and experiences using innovation tools
Tuition Investment: $7,000


  • Learn how to design and facilitate team innovation meetings and experiences
  • Understand how to customize the Continuous Innovation Model, tools and techniques to a variety of audiences
  • Discover how to manage knowledge and facilitate thinking through Question Banks, Idea Banks, Solution Banks and Action Banks
  • Experience the innovation training and facilitations with a diverse audience in a creative environment

Innovation Model Focus

Learning Resources & Handouts
Facilitator Guide (over 200 pages)
FlashBrainer™ Innovation Software
PowerPoint slides
Question Banks
Colorful laminated posters
Templates prework and post facilitation follow-up activities
Templates for brochures, invitations and marketing

Facilitator Workshop Descriptions
Workshop 103: How to Facilitate Team Innovation Meetings & Experiences
Training Topics
1. Banks for Brains: How to develop Question Banks, Idea Banks, Solution Banks and Action Banks
2. FaciliTeam: How to build skilled facilitation teams to quickly deliver ultimate team facilitation experiences
3. Roles & Responsibilities: Who does what, by when, and why?
4. Space Design Models: How to Create Homes for Heads
5. How to design your own portable Thinkuabator
6. Advanced Techniques: Idea Exchange, Movie Minds, SCCAMMPER, Role Models, Book Brains, 5-Sense Creator, Solution Evaluators, Action Planners & others
7. Leveraging technology: laptops, Office templates and wireless communications
8. Recruiting dream teams of diverse thinkers
9. Leveraging the value of Solutionators, or outside idea generators
10. FaciliTeam communications and coordination
11. How to encourage and appreciate fun
12. Systems and processes
13. Checklists and tools
14. Innovation Excursions, field trips and evening activities
15. Visualizing, illustrating and capturing results and experiences

Certification Prework
Complete all requirements for the KnowBrainer Trainer certification
Complete VIP Facilitation Experience Survey
Participate in 2-6 innovation webinars  (

Certification Follow-up
Apprentice or assist with the facilitation of at least two SolutionPeople-sponsored IlluminAction™ or SolutionActions within 180 days of certification
Participate in monthly and quarterly phone conferences with Master Facilitators and other Facilitators
Share participant evaluations from each facilitation with Master Facilitator
Participate in 6-12 innovation webinars (
Optional: Attend SolutionPeople's 2007 annual Innovation Trainer, Facilitators, & Coaches Forum

Recognition & Support
  • Certified Facilitators will be authorized to include the following designation on their websites and marketing materials:

cif                                            KB-front_1.jpg

  • Certified Facilitators will be invited to join the Linkedin Professional Network of certified innovation trainers and include the following logo on their profile:

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