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Company History
SolutionPeople has always focused on innovation and creativity performance improvement. We apply innovative thinking to our own products and services. FORTUNE magazine recognized Gerald Haman for creating one of the world’s first innovation tools in 1989.

BusinessWeek magazine recognized the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2006 and 50% of the Top 30 have used SolutionPeople’s innovation resources. Eight of the top 10 on BusinessWeek's list have benefited from SolutionPeople’s tools, training or facilitations. Apple, Google, 3M, Microsoft, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, IBM, Dell and Motorola are fans of SolutionPeople. Click here to few a partial list of customers we have helped.

Interesting Facts
1. SolutionPeople has helped clients generate over 2 million ideas valued at over 3 billion dollars.
2. Over 160 Fortune 500 companies, 250 small businesses, and 120,000 people have benefited from SolutionPeople's creativity and innovation training.
3. SolutionPeople helped one Chicago consumer products company generate over 50 million dollars in cost savings ideas.
4. SolutionPeople believes that "if your feet are comfortable, the brain will be comfortable" and has a tradition of passing out tube socks and encouraging people to remove their shoes during meetings. During the past 10 years they have distributed over 60,000 socks. One informal study revealed that people who wore socks generated 13% more ideas than those who kept their shoes on. Solutionman often carries an extra briefcase filled with socks for clients who request that he bring them to meetings.
5. The "brain profiles" of several thousand people can be profiled in less than an hour using SolutionPeople's "Know Your Brain Game". To date, over 25,000 people have played the game which profiles people's thinking preferences according to the four quadrants of their brains.
6. To help clients generate ideas, SolutionPeople has created "Question Banks" that contain thousands of questions on such topics as product development, event planning, tradeshow exhibit design, and public relations. These Question Banks now contain, over 5,000 questions.
7. SolutionPeople has taken hundreds of people to see Blue Man Group perform and then followed up with a brief workshop called "Blue Thinking" that results in breakthrough ideas.
8. Non-disclosure agreements are signed between SolutionPeople and clients whereby SolutionPeople agrees not to divulge the specifics of their work. The longest legal non-disclosure document was 67 pages and the shortest was one sentence.

Thinkubator Facts
9. Guests from over 10 different countries visited the Thinkubator during the past year.
10. A popular teambuilding activity at the Thinkubator is Karaoke. 90% of visitors have never sung Karaoke before and almost 100% try it before they leave. Singers have over 1,000 songs to choose from and four microphones to foster teamwork. Solutionman has found a correlation between teams willingness to take risks and their creativity levels.
11. SolutionPeople holds an annual Halloween Karaoke Party called "Scaryokee" attended by hundreds of costumed clients who are encouraged to brainstorm scary ideas.
12. The Thinkubator has a collection of unique and comfortable chairs including sculptures from a famous French artist. The Symmetron helps people relax and feel as if they are floating. Beanbag chairs shaped like light bulbs are very popular.
13. Although the Thinkubator is a popular corporate meeting facility, it has also been used for a variety unusual events including wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties for adults and a birthday party for a group of kindergarten students.
14. When entering the THINKubator, guests are greeted by a large croaking green "Watch Frog".
15. The Thinkubator has hundreds of gadgets, toys and tools to provoke thinking and encourage fun.
16. The Thinkubator 's restrooms have unique themes and designs. The "Albert Einstein Shrine" filled with paintings and books dedicated to Solutionman's Hero, Albert Einstein. Disco Bathroom, dedicated to John Travolta, has a disco ball, lava lamp, & music from the 70's.
17. The Thinkubator uses natural aroma machines to foster relaxation and stimulate creativity. Several customized blends called Solution Scents are dispensed via machines that change scents every 1-2 hours.
18. The Thinkubator's main space has a dance area with disco lights and a mirrored ball rotating. Games include pool, lots of brainy board games and a variety of videogames.
19. Solutionman has the cell phone number of the local Good Humor Ice Cream truck drive and arranges for him to stop by the Thinkubator for a surprise treat during warm weather and in the winter they enjoy fresh popcorn.
20. Clients eat "Think Bars", drink "CreativTea" or "ThinkDrinks", and chew "Brain Gum" from the Thinkubator kitchen.

KnowBrainer Tool Facts

21. Tests by students at Northwestern University and Wayne State University found that the KnowBrainer tool increased creativity levels by over 500% verses traditional brainstorming with flip charts.
22. The KnowBrainer tool has been used by Nordstrom to brainstorm customer service ideas, Adidas to generate ideas for new basketball shoes, and Generals Mills to create new products.
23. KnowBrainer is self-instructional and can be instantly used. However, thousands of people have taken a full-day seminar called KnowBrainer Accelerated Innovation, which is offered monthly at SolutionPeople's Chicago Thinkubator.
24. SolutionPeople has developed over 25 different techniques, exercises and activities for the KnowBrainer including "Questionary" and "Flash Planning" and "Brainstorming By Yourself".
25. The KnowBrainer is the third creativity and innovation tool invented by Gerald "Solutionman" Haman. He has sold over 100,000 of his inventions called the Pocket Innovator and Pocket Persuader.
26. The KnowBrainer tool is being transformed into a software program for Palm Pilots and other PDAs.
27. Dow Chemical has licensed the KnowBrainer Innovation training and intends to train over 1,000 people during the next year.
28. It took Gerald "Solutionman" Haman almost 10 years to perfect the content of the tool because he had to analyze over 700,000 words in the English language to find the top 100 words.
29. The youngest person to purchase a KnowBrainer was a first grade student and the oldest was 87 years old.

30. Gerald Haman appears in his "Solutionman" costume (which resembles Superman with a giant light bulb head) to liven up tradeshows and corporate meetings. His 11-year old son Jake occasionally joins him in his "Solutionboy" costume to pass out bright ideas.
31. Solutionman has a collection of over 1000 new and used light bulbs of various styles. He intends to create a sculpture called "1,000 Points of Bright". He also has a giant 15-foot tall inflatable light bulb that he takes to tradeshows and street fairs.
32. SolutionPeople's "Thinkathon" brainstorming technique can be used by teams to quickly generate thousands of ideas. 500 people at a conference for Fast Company magazine generated over 5,000 ideas in 10 minutes using the Thinkathon.
33. Solutionman's favorite symbol is a question mark. He has a collection of paintings and sculptures shaped like question marks. His hobby includes painting and sculpting art using question marks, exclamation points and light bulbs.
34. Solutionman has a collection of over 500 "light bulb" related jokes.
35. Solutionman has a collection of over 100 "brain" artifacts including a "Live Brain Sculpture", juggling brains, and brain caps to inspire people to use their full brainpower.
36. Solutionman takes groups on "CreativiTours" of nearby art galleries to stimulate out of box thinking. One CreativiTour involved taking several hundred AT&T people on a bus tour to visit the outdoor sculptures around downtown Chicago.
37. Solutionman uses 'magic tricks" to reinforce key messages during training. Haman first learned magic while working at P&G in the early 1980s to create more effective sales presentations.
38. Solutionman lives in downtown Chicago with his wife (Solutionwoman), daughter (Solutiongirl), son (Solutionboy) and a very cute 6-year old daughter (Solutionbaby).
39. Solutionman grew up on a cattle ranch in North Dakota with 3 brothers and 3 sisters

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