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Experience Accelerated Innovation® training that earned a Learning Excellence Citation from the American Society for Training & Development

Acclerated Innovation Training

Advanced Certifications
KnowBrainer Trainer Certification
Innovation Facilitator Certification
Innovation Coach Certification
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Course 101:
Accelerated Innovation® Training with the KnowBrainer® Tools
Course 102: How to Facilitate Accelerated Innovation® Training (Basic Train-the-Trainer)
Course 103: How to Customize Accelerated Innovation® Training (Advanced Train-the-Trainer)
Tuition: $6,000, includes enrollment at public Accelerated Innovation training

Experience the Accelerated Innovation training with a diverse audience in a creative environment
Learn how to facilitate the 1-day Accelerated Innovation training seminar
Understand how to customize the Accelerated Innovation training for organizations and individuals

Model Focus


Learning Resources & Handouts
Trainer Guide (over 500 pages)
PowerPoint slides
Colorful laminated posters
Templates for prework and post-training follow-up activities
Templates for brochures, invitations and marketing

Seminar 101: Accelerated Innovation Training with the KnowBrainer Tools
Certified trainers will first experience a public Accelerated Innovation seminar from a participant perspective.
All trainers are first required to be a "student" with people from other organizations. Full details including goals
on Course 101 are available at

Seminar 102: How to Facilitate Accelerated Innovation Training
Topics: Advanced Train-the-Trainer
1. Seminar history and interesting case examples
2. Training success factors
3. Trainer resources and materials
4. Models and processes
5. Tools and techniques
6. Interactive exercises and experiences
7. Participant materials
8. Participant prework and coaching
9. Participant follow-up and coaching
10. Environment and meeting space enhancements

Seminar 103: Customizing Accelerated Innovation Training
Topics: Advanced Train-the-Trainer
1. Helping participants clarify goals, challenges & problems
2. Developing examples of completed worksheets
3. Modular Training: 1-3 hour previews, half-day formats, 2-day options
4. Customizing the PowerPoint slides
5. Training large audiences, diverse or unique groups
6. Advanced innovation techniques
7. Idea Exchange & Thinkathon options
8. Innovation Coaching
9. Preview modules
10. Music, photo and video opportunities
11. Developing "new" KnowBrainer exercises

Certification Prework
Experience and evaluate a 1-day public Accelerated Innovation training seminar at the Thinkubator
Complete pre and post phone coaching sessions offered for public seminar
Complete VIP (Very Innovative Person) and Training Experience Survey
Complete Trainer Needs & Experience Survey
Read interview with Gerald Haman (PDF)
Read “Creating Customer Evangelist” book chapter on SolutionPeople (PDF)

Certification Follow-up
Conduct three 60-minute Solution Sessions with other people who have goals, challenges or problems.
Participate in monthly and quarterly phone conferences with Master Trainer and other trainers.
Share training participant evaluations from each training with Master Trainer.
Optional: Attend SolutionPeople's 2007 annual Innovation Trainer, Facilitators, & Coaches Forum.

To register for this course, contact or phone (312) 829-2852

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