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Recommended by over 50 news sources, selected to Fast Company's "Brain Trust" and most recently showcased in Creating Customer Evangelists, along with IBM, Southwest Airlines & Krispy Kreme Donuts as companies to benchmark. SolutionPeople invites you to see why people are raving about our innovative tool and techniques.

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Think Outside the Office (PDF) FlashBrainer eTool Earns 5-Star Rating
Choice Magazine KnowBrainer is Great for Coaching
The New York Times Brainstorming 101: Onward, Into the Fog of Creativity
The Australian: Unleashing the Creative Within
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ASTD Awards Citation: Excellence in Workplace Learning and Performance
Chapter from New Book: SolutionPeople Creates Innovation Evangelists (PDF)
The Forum Leaders Think Up Ideas for Growth
The Forum ND Native Looks to Generate a Few.......Bright Ideas
Straits Times-Singapore: Wanted 500,000 Ideas in the Thinkathon
Newsweek Japan: Let's Develop Employee Intuition
The NEW Paper-Singapore: Solutionman is Here to Get Everybody Thinking
Fast Company: What's the Big Idea?
Innovation KnowBrainer Tools Earns a 5-Star Rating
Straits Times-Singapore: Things Can Always Be Done Better
Investors Business Daily: Using A No-Tech Innovation Tool
Meeting Professional: How Meetings Can Inspire a Return on Innovation
Investors Business Daily: Making Your Environment Inspirational
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