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Thinkathon™: World's Biggest Brainstorm
Generate a record-breaking volume of ideas that demonstrate the full brain power of the audience. Effective
with small teams or large groups of up to 10,000 people, this simple and replicable technique can help encourage a deeply innovative organization by giving everyone a stake in the process of solution creation. A world record 454,000 ideas were generated in less than 60 minutes by 8,000 people at the Singapore Stadium in September, 2001. Five hundred people at a conference for Fast Company magazine generated over 5,000 ideas in 10 minutes using the Thinkathon!

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Generate a high volume and wide variety of ideas in a short time
Introduce a new brainstorming technique that anyone can use a almost any situation
Efficiently collect feedback or suggestions that focus on key problems or projects
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30-360 minutes depending on the number of topic or questions the group needs to  address
People brainstorm ideas that answer key questions using unique worksheets imprinted  with "light-bulbs"
Brainstormers silently record ideas worksheets and then share them with other people  who then build on the ideas
Top ideas are shared with entire group and worksheets are collected
Effective with small and large groups of 15-20,000 people

People learn a "new", more efficient and better way to brainstorm
An extremely high volume of ideas are recorded in a short period of time (at least 10 ideas per person every 10 minutes)
Everyone is given the opportunity to "contribute" ideas and the shy people feel comfortable participating
Ideas are collected that can be used for meeting follow-up, published in a printed documents, intranets and websites

Thinkathon worksheets printed on pads with customized logos
Optional: Giant 15-foot inflatable light bulb

Clients (Number of Ideas Generated)
Singapore's 20th Anniversary of Productivity Celebration (8,000 people & over 100,000 of  ideas)
Fast Company Magazine's Realtime Conference (1,200)
Xerox (7,000 ideas)
Motorola (4,000)
Grubb & Ellis (1,300)
Product Development Management Association (1,250)

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