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Acclerated Innovation Training

Advanced Certifications
KnowBrainer Trainer Certification
Innovation Facilitator Certification
Innovation Coach Certification
Innovation Models and Processes

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Day 1 - Workshop 104: How to Coach for Continuous Innovation®
Prerequisites: Complete Workshops 101, 102 & 103 (Innovation Trainer & Facilitator Certifications)
3-hour Follow-up Webinar 403: Questionated Coaching
3-hour Follow-up Webinar 404: Mastering Innovation Coaching Techniques
Ten 60-minute Webinars: Innovation Coaching Tools & Techniques Series
Other Requirements: Lead ten 60-90 minute coaching sessions in person, phone or webinar within six months
Benefit: Be qualified to coach individuals and teams to continuously apply innovation processes and tools
Tuition Investment: $5,000

  • Inspire and motivate individuals and teams to accelerate progress on their goals, challenges or problems
  • Learn how to coach within each stage of the Accelerated Innovation process
  • Customize coaching style to meet people’s needs, wants and wishes
  • Provoke thinking about important opportunities using a variety of tools, techniques and stimulus
Innovation Model Focus

Learning Resources & Handouts
Coach Guide (over 100 pages)
Innovation Activator™ software
PowerPoint slides
Additional handouts and suggested readings

Coach Workshop Description
Workshop 104: How to Coach for Continuous Innovation
Training Topics
1. Overview and definition of Coaching vs. Consulting as each relates to Innovation
2. Self Exploration to learn for yourself your unique skills, talents and gifts, and how to apply them to the coaching
3. Basic communication overview including active listening, reflecting and summarizing. Includes skill development and practice
4. Introduction to co-active coaching - focusing on what the coach wants to get out of the coaching
5. Introduction to change models and culture shift
6. Discussion about blocks - processes and techniques to work through blocks that keep people from implementing innovation techniques
7. Introduction of additional coaching resources

Certification Prework
Complete all requirements for the KnowBrainer Trainer and Innovation Facilitator Certifications
Complete Coach Experience Survey

Certification Follow-up
Commit to 3-month, bi-weekly Innovation Coach calls with Master Innovation Coach
Work with another innovation coaching participant during off weeks to hone coaching skills
Optional: Attend SolutionPeople's 2005 annual Innovation Trainer, Facilitators, & Coaches Forum

Recognition & Support
  • Certified coaches will be authorized to include the following designation on their websites and marketing materials:

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  • Certified coaches will be invited to join the Linkedin Professional Network of certified innovation trainers and include the following logo on their profile:

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