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Introducing Gerald "Solutionman" Haman

1966: Age 6
Created ABC Brainstorming Tool
1989: Age 30
Created Pocket Innovator
Founded SolutionPeople
1996: Age 36
Created KnowBrainer
Founded Thinkubator
2011: Age 51
Created iKnowBrainer Founded Tool Club

Gerald Haman

Recommendations, Endorsements & Client Testimonials

Gerald "Solutionman" Haman founded Innovation in 1989, in 1997, in 2005, in 2008, and he plans to launch in 2011. He is an adjunct professor of innovation at Northwestern University and teaches at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Haman is the Founding Organizer of more than 30 Innovation Groups on and that comprise a worldwide community of over 300,000 members. Haman was recognized as one of the "Most Influential People Online" by FAST Company magazine's Influence Project.

He is recognized by clients as "Solutionman" because of his ability to quickly help people develop breakthrough solutions. Solutionman gained international acclaim for establishing a world brainstorming record by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon® at the Singapore Stadium to generate 454,000 ideas in less than 60 minutes. Since launching SolutionPeople over 20 years ago, Haman has helped clients generate more than three million ideas valued at over two billion dollars.

Formerly, Haman was an award-winning manager Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen's Professional Education Center. Haman is the acclaimed inventor of the KnowBrainerT innovation tool that has proven to increase creativity by over 530%. He also created the world's first innovative thinking Apps & eTools for the iPhones, iPads and iPods, and the FlashBrainerT and Innovation ActivatorT software programs. Haman has been profiled in over 50 major news publications including FAST Company, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek Japan, The Australian, Singapore Straits Times, the International Herald, US News & World Report, Investors Business Daily.

SolutionPeople has helped over 100,000 people from 200 of the FORTUNE 500 companies in more than 60 countries. Over 50% of BusinessWeek's Top 50 of the "World's Most Innovative Companies" have used SolutionPeople's innovation products and services. SolutionPeople has been recognized by the Chicago Innovation Awards and the American Society for Training & Development awarded SolutionPeople a "Learning Excellence Citation" for their innovation training results. An entire chapter was published about SolutionPeople's successful business practices in the book, Creating Customer Evangelists by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, which also profiled IBM and Southwest Airlines.

Haman earned a Masters Degree in Communications and Training from the University of Minnesota. He is a contributing author of the New Product Development Handbook and has published articles on innovation for the Journal of Innovative Management, Productivity Digest, Training Today and The Meeting Professional. Haman was recently certified as an Experience Economy Expert by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, the pioneering authors of groundbreaking books including The Experience Economy and Authenticity. Haman incorporates many Experience Economy principles into his innovation workshops, facilitations and keynote speeches. He has also created highly-acclaimed certification programs that designate graduates as Certified Innovation Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Questionators and Masters.

He has given innovative presentations to over 100,000 people from around the globe and has been recognized for his creativity by the United States Congress and the American Academy of Achievements.

Prior to joining the corporate world, Haman was a concert producer for a variety of Grammy-award-winning musicians including Air Supply, Cheap Trick, Harry Chapin, Little River Band, Alice Cooper, The Babys, Cliff Richard, Michael Johnson, Nick Gilder, Poco, Juice Newton and Head East. Haman's responsibilities included talent scouting, contract negotiations, marketing, and onsite supervision of the stage crews and production teams.

Haman originally grew up on a cattle ranch and farm in rural North Dakota and he now lives in downtown Chicago where he loves spending time with his 10-year old daughter Olivia. Solutionman's hobbies include magic, painting and organizing his growing collection of diverse music and art.

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Recommendations, Endorsements & Client Testimonials

“I loved the offices of SolutionPeople and Gerald Haman is a jewel in the crown of Chicago business. Unlike the Sun-Times which just discovered innovation in the last three or four years or the MIT-EF which discovered it this year, Gerald has really been working in the trenches of the innovation field for 17 years! Gerald has a real and loyal following. His clients are not generally three guys in a garage. They include firms like Allstate, McDonald's, and Motorola. The offices of SolutionPeople are so intriguing that Gerald could probably charge for tours.”
Ron May –

“Gerald has the unique ability to inspire remarkable creativity and great ideas from individuals or in a group-setting that WORK and deliver business RESULTS. We utilized his skills in a number of areas and each time we met with success.”
Bruce MacMillan – CEO, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“I hired Gerald to train our product management team on innovation this past year. His knowledge, approach, and tools were excellent. I would highly recommend him if you want to jump start your organization on producing innovative programs, products or services”
Dan Love – President, Medline Industries Personal Care

“Gerald has created an environment that stimulates innovation which enables businesses at all levels to grow and exceed the demands of today’s consumer. I highly recommend attending the SolutionPeople seminars to anyone trying to compete in today’s rapidly changing global economy.”
Homaro Cantu– TV Star of Iron Chef America, Owner of Cantu Designs and Chicago’s Famous Moto Restaurant

“I can't tell you how helpful Gerald and the tools he created have been! I attended Gerald's one-day 'Accelerated Innovation' training and then sent the rest of my department. I have also become a facilitator and have been able to share the tools, knowledge and skills I learned from Gerald with others. Whenever I hold or attend a meeting, people are amazed at the amount and quality of ideas that come out it. I attribute much of that to Gerald's tools and training. On a personal note, Gerald is a great person. He is a giving teacher. He's always out to help people and to lend any support necessary.”
Katie Schelp – McDonald's Corporation, Training and Communication Events Manager

“I've had the pleasure to know Gerald personally and work with him professionally for many years. Gerald has devoted his life to helping develop the creative potential of others and in this area, I consider him a pioneer, but what differentiates Gerald from others in this area is his ability to operationalize these creative ideas into true innovations, many of which touch our lives every day. How many people can you say that about? From the KnowBrainer tool to the Accelerated Innovation workshops to the experiential events he facilitates, Gerald has demonstrated how through the power of questions, we can discover the solutions to many of our professional and personal challenges and I recommend you get to know him.”
John Nawn – Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), VP of Education

“Working with Gerald is nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Gerald demonstrates his knowledge of Innovation & Creativity better than anybody I have met to date. Gerald can discern a complex business problem down to its core elements leveraging his tools and make solving the situation fun. The tools that Gerald developed are relevant, actionable and fun to use. I find Gerald and his team of skilled professionals an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommend Gerald and Solution People”.
Michael Woodard – Georgia-Pacific, Director of Sales Training

“I have worked with Gerald and SolutionPeople many times during my tenure at American Express. He and his team do great work to open creative processes at companies and within teams.”
Lisa Gregg – American Express, Vice President of Consumer Marketing

“Gerald was approached by Kraft to assist and facilitate in several projects that required creative and innovative solutions. Gerald was able to bring a fresh perspective, and employ an effective process that led to real solutions and not just random ideas. In taking the process further Gerald was able to develop a proprietary instrument for Kraft that was extremely effective in both generating ideas and stimulating the innovation process for our key development platforms.”
James Andrade – Kraft Foods Asia Pacific, Vice President of R&D

“Gerald is a phenomenal leader in the area of innovation. His methodologies, personal energy and enthusiasm made him very effective in working with my team. His Thinkubator, KnowBrainer, Idea Exchange and other tools enabled my organization to energize our innovation and resulted in tripling our innovative output. We have regained our industry leadership position for innovation as a result of his training.”
Gary Peterson – Life Fitness, Vice President of R&D

“I've had the pleasure of working with Gerald and Solution People for the past 2 years and have recommended him and his firm without hesitation. Using the concepts and ideas presented in his Accelerated Innovation workshops have paid dividends to my organization. I have taken three soon to be four intact teams to learn new, creative and innovative techniques to solve challenges we face in accomplishing the work that we perform. When Gerald describes ROI (Return on Ideas), it was a real outcome for each of the teams. We walked away with more ideas than we could have imagined and left the workshops with concrete ways to implement them. The tools, the facilitation, and his consulting are all first rate. I have recommended his organization to other groups that I am associated and I do it without a second thought.”
Raymond Truitt – TAP Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director of Training

“Gerald is very knowledgeable and high-energy! His techniques work well, as I have applied them in many work situations as well as community service and with my family and friends. He facilitates creativity, innovation and collaboration. He's a living example of how I strive to manage and grow my business.”
Lee Mann
– Wilton Industries, Manager of Consumer Education

“Gerald Haman's firm, SolutionPeople, is accurately named as I have learned working by with them over several years. While it may be easy to get lost in the multitude of offerings from other innovation experts or consultants, SolutionPeople's stands out with a proven track record of success. What Gerald brings to the innovation and creativity with his 20 years of experience can best be described as "applied" innovation or innovation that matters. Rather than speak to the obvious need for companies to innovate or the feel good topics of personal creativity Gerald helps companies use innovation as a tool to create solutions to real-world challenges. SolutionPeople helped me and Red Bull better identify goals, challenges and opportunities and then address them through a proven 4-stage process that suspends normal business thinking and opens up brainpower to new possibilities. The most refreshing part of the training is that they are applicable, replicable, and built upon real-world challenges. In the Accelerated Innovation Training SolutionPeople takes people through a hands-on process that engages your entire team and drives you to better, more focused ideas that are then evaluated, planned and activated. Haman's innovation and creativity training combined with the KnowBrainer tool have given us a fresh way to focus on our challenges and to quickly break through "stuck" thinking. If you were to invest time in one area that would help your companies grow and compete - this would be it.”
Dana Montenegro – Red Bull, Driver of Culture, Innovation & Inspiration for Latin America & Caribbean

“Innovation is the life-blood of an organization yet so hard to harness. Gerald and his SolutionPeople have made this balancing act far easier, offering ways to ensure each team is 'packed' with just the right blend of people. Within an hour he had 500 American Express managers dancing to a different tune, one that had us poised for even more greatness. In a world of innovation imposters, Gerald is the real deal.”
David Schoenberger – American Express

“Gerald is a pioneer in the field of creativity and innovation. He created his first innovation tool over 20 years ago and started up one of the first firms devoted solely to creativity almost 15 years ago. He has done research on Innovation and has invented numerous tools, techniques and processes to help others develop creative and innovative products and solutions. One of Gerald's greatest contributions to business is that he has made creativity accessible to everyone. He has shattered the myth that you have to be a "creative person" to come up with creative ideas. His tools allow anyone to repeatedly generate new solutions. In addition, Gerald practices what he preaches. He works in one of the most creative spaces in Chicago (The Thinkubator) and he is always thinking outside of the box. Working with Gerald is fun, inspiring and rewarding. People around the world use Gerald's tools and benefit from his work.”
John Figiel – Pactiv, Organizational Development Consultant

“Gerald is the most amazing Innovation Coach! His many "tools" like the KnowBrainer, Brain Game, Movie Minds or Question Banking, are fun and incredibly effective. He planned and conducted an off-site "Innovation for Growth" event which fully engaged over 50 high-power business & technical leaders across the corporation, creating 1000's of new ideas. His Thinkubator site in his Chicago office is a fantastic place to bring together a bunch of diverse people who then gel as a team & develop wonderful new ideas. His alternative & multiple approaches, to solving problems and indentifying opportunities, are incredibly stimulating and addictive. He is a masterful leader who keeps the energy level high and yet still very personal. I unhesitatingly recommend Gerald as the first choice to facilitate your quests for innovation and creativity.”
Jerry Meyerhoff – Continental Automotive Systems

“While I was a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, Gerald taught cutting-edge innovation techniques to my students (and later to his own), and then generously shared his KnowBrainer tool and techniques with them. He was an outstanding and dynamic speaker, and remains one of the world's top brainstorming authorities. His creativity and enthusiasm are unbounded and contagious. I later enrolled for one of his Thinkubator sessions and came up with course improvements that have made a dramatic difference through the years. He's a gifted teacher, insightful expert, and skilled facilitator--I highly recommend his services.”
Robert Kozinets Professor of Marketing, York University Schulich School

“Gerald is an innovative leader in the challenging field of creating and evaluating ideas. He does this by drawing on his deep knowledge of how people imagine and how to extract ideas from knowledgeable people. This is often challenging. My work is based on creating new ideas and deciding on which idea to focus. Gerald has developed some of the best methods I have ever experienced. We learned to imagine more effectively and build consensus rapidly around the right ideas. I would recommend Gerald and his group. They have skill, they partner, they helped me deliver.”
Chris Christenson – Dow Chemical, Research Fellow

“Gerald has been a superb performer for our professional society. On two occasions we asked Gerald to provide an energizing networking activity to begin our larger program events. Each time Gerald responded with a creative and effective means to get the participants to learn about one another and to prepare for the substance of the upcoming presentations with relevant and thoughtful small/large group activities. After two years I still receive requests from participants asking to contact his organization. I highly recommend Gerald and his organization.”
Mike Tillmans – International Society for Performance Instruction, Chicago Chapter President

“Gerald is one of the most famous people in the world of innovation. He has worked with almost all of the major multi-billion dollar companies in the world and also holds a world record in the field of brainstorming that he established in Singapore.”
Anand Chhatpar– BrainReactions, CEO

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Gerald on developing and delivering a Diversity of Thought training session at American Express. His innovative approach to training combined with useable take-away tools like the KnowBrainer (which I use every week) made for one of the most valuable training sessions in which I have participated. If memory serves correct, our team generated well over 1,000 ideas based on his innovation challenge by provoking group creative and innovative thought.”
Kevin Lawrence – American Express

“Gerald has worked with me on ideation and innovation with novel, creative techniques and a business results orientation. I can recommend Gerald if you need results from ideation that you can act on.”
Art Paton – Motorola, Senior Learning Consultant

“I definitely went out on a limb by hiring Gerald for our Client Summit. His approach is unlike any typically seen in our industry and my theme was The Age of Ingenuity (no pressure). Gerald was able to skillfully tailor a program to fit my audience and was incredibly adept at crafting information on the fly. He is insightful and was able to draw out continuity over a two-day period. I am a proponent of trying new ideas and the "Solutionman" certainly has many of those...!”
Robin Simkins – DoubleClick Performics, Vice President of Marketing
“Gerald is a best in class service provider, without question. His tools and methodologies are not only creative and innovative, they produce results beyond measure. As a member of Capital One's international innovation team, I had the pleasure of working side by side with Gerald from concept to successful implementation of variety of innovation initiatives. He worked tirelessly and continually exceeded the very high expectations of a diverse group of constituents within the company. In another arena, Gerald provided his services and tools to help with a grassroots initiative for a global non-profit. Using the Thinkathon process, we were able to seed an unprecedented number of ideas on ways to establish interrelated communities throughout the world. Bravo.”
Jo-Ann Sloan – Caldwell Banker, Regional Director of Education

“Gerald's great strength is the depth of his knowledge in innovation techniques and process. He was able to quickly customize approaches that led to great ideations for innovative strategies for diverse topics, including innovative approaches to AT&T's Olympic sponsorship and HD satellite TV content.”
Christian Donahue – GSD&M Advertising, Planning Director

“Gerald is one of the most creative people I know. His Thinkubator meeting space in Chicago is amazing!”
Chuck Frey

“Gerald has amazing enthusiasm in seeing others grow their ability to innovate. New ideas are all around us, and Gerald's methods for drawing them out are world class. I have used Gerald many times including innovation with our top scientists, and we have come up with hundreds of new ideas that have been reviewed to be filed as patents. If you are looking for someone to jump start, grow, or challenge you to innovate with methods you probably have never considered, then Gerald is someone you want to hook up with. I highly recommend him, and it is proven with the multiple times we have hired him to help our high tech company.”
Casey Hill – Motorola, Intellectual Asset Management

“Gerald has been such an inspiration - he has amazing energy as a leader of innovation and as a human being! I thoroughly enjoyed his Accelerated Innovation workshop at the Thinkubator in Chicago and would recommend it to others who are seeking Innovation training or just a new outlook on life and business.”  
Tori Berndt – Allstate, Senior Enterprise Communications

“Gerald was a fantastic facilitator who helped our newly created team at American Express to think about our values, vision and mission innovatively using the amazingly simple yet effective KnowBrainer tools.”
Jenny Ta American Express, Business Manager International New Product Development

“I have known Gerald Haman for 20 years and can recommend him without reservation. He is a person who operates with integrity, honesty and great creativity. I am continually amazed at the impact he has had and continues to have for companies and organizations that use his services and those of the SolutionPeople team. The creation of the Know-Brainer, for example, sounds simple, yet from this basic tool we've worked out brilliant new initiatives for our companies that hadn't existed before. One day I picked up a copy of the New York Times and read about a guy who was stranded overnight along with hundreds of fellow travelers in an airport terminal somewhere. This person made a sign that read something like "Free Brainstorming" and a line formed, all people wanting help. Somehow the story made it into the paper, and of course that guy was Gerald Haman. The government of Singapore used their national stadium to conduct the largest mass brainstorming event ever held (Guinness Book of World Records winner). The guy who thought it up and did all the work? Gerald. In my book, this defines an extraordinary person.”
Robert Jordan – Interim CEO, Chairman

“I have worked with Gerald many times over the last 18 years and every experience has been extremely positive. I find one of Gerald’s strengths is his ability to listen and draw out what we were looking to accomplish. Using tools like the KnowBrainer helped us do just that. He has a way of making people feel comfortable in settings that are new to them; like sessions in the Thinkubator where we designed new products to the amazement of the participants. I have worked with Gerald to develop innovation training programs for both in house and with clients. He worked with me to develop an innovation lab on site at the company; the first of its' kind. His style makes him an excellent team facilitator and he has successfully facilitated numerous innovation challenges for me. He draws the best from people and teams through his thought provoking questions and calm demeanor. Feedback is always positive and people want to work with him; he gets results.”
Paula Serratore – Association of Legal Administrators, Executive Director

“I had the pleasure to work with Gerald on two occasions, once when I hired him for my company's national meeting and another time when a vendor of ours hired him for a major meeting they were having for their clients. Gerald is refreshing in his approach to helping people to think 'out of the box' and his teaching tools are innovative and inspiring. It's tough to get a room full of executives to participate in group programs but through Gerald's expertise, professionalism and personality, he had everyone participating, learning, growing and having a great time coming up with some very creative solutions to some difficult situations.”  
Janet Cesario – Taubman, Marketing & Sponsorship Director

“Gerald is the best there is in his field. For creativity, innovation and "out of the box" thinking whether applied to strategic issues, employee growth or product development, I recommend Gerald highly.
Neil Kane – Advanced Diamond Technologies, President

“I heartily endorse Gerald and his firm "SolutionPeople." We have partnered on several exciting engagements and I've found him to be incredibly creative and collaborative in all his ventures. Gerald brings out the best in others and sincerely cares about the development of all people--clients, partners and staff. He knows innovation and stays at the "leading edge" of the field, plus, he's fun!”  
Linda Dunkel – Interaction Associates, President & CEO
“Gerald is an expert on the product innovation process. He leads high-energy, productive sessions to generate new ideas. He has developed tools which I have found lead to more effective brainstorming sessions. He has experience across a wide range of industries and applies his techniques with equal skill across product and service ideas. His SolutionPeople approach is the product innovation equivalent to high impact aerobics - gets the creative juices flowing as aerobics gets pulse flowing!”
Walter Blotkamp – Capital One, Senior Director of Brand Strategy & Research

“If you are looking to better yourself, your organization or the world around you with breakthrough, innovative ideas and strategies -- you must meet Gerald Haman. Gerald is not only renowned in the field of innovation, but also is a world-wide leader in motivating others in plumbing and developing their own depths of creativity and innovative thinking. From his training, to his brainstorming tools to his work environment -- it is all one-of-a-kind and incredibly resonating and valuable.”
David PerlmutterNCI Mobility & hi-Tide Media, Senior Vice President

“Gerald has a unique gift to get people thinking innovatively. I highly recommend Gerald and SolutionPeople for companies that need new perspectives. Change your questions, change your thinking, and change your outcome. If you think you are not creative, or if you've hit an idea roadblock, spend some time with SolutionPeople and you will start creating ideas you did not think you had the capability to create.”
Jay Ehret – The Marketing Spot, President

“Gerald is the business leader and trusted colleague to hire when you desire a unique and one of a kind experience leading to break through strategic business planning and innovative leadership development. He's a MUST HIRE when you need to break out of the box to create the future state of business growth and innovation.”
Jeanne Stoner – Motorola, Quality Consultant

“Over a year ago, I attended a day-long session at the Thinkubator in Chicago and was blown away by not only the fun I had, but the innovative nature of the ideas we achieved. It was an immersive experience where Gerald taught not only the principles behind effective ideation, but a multi-step process that I still use today. Using the KnowBrainer tool as a guide, I have led numerous brainstorms on dozens of client projects. His innovation, both in the experience itself, and helpful follow-up will equip anyone facing a challenge to tackle it in a way that yields the best results and pulls from the far-reaching corners of their creativity and experience.”
Tim Dyer – GMR Marketing, Creative Director

“Gerald Haman's exploration of the concept of creativity and innovation, through his workshop offerings is a must do EXPERIENCE for those serious about keeping up in today's non-stop innovating business environment. I've attended numerous conferences, workshops, seminars and training after training programs in my 25 plus career and these ranks with the best. He hits the "sweet spot" in his design of a captivating and engaging experience. The content and intellectual models are presented in an entertaining way-another words learning is fun- It's interactive and thought provoking and the learning on creativity takes place in an environment enables creativity. He has designed a distinctive place which is just fun to be in as opposed to the sterile hotel room, conference center or board room. Included in his experiences are a couple of signature moments but I don't want to spoil his surprises waiting for you. One word describes Haman’s offering. MEMORABLE!! Go4IT”
Bill Gibeault – Story Mavericks

“I have had the pleasure to work with Gerald on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with his passion, creativity, dedication to creating an excellent client experience and most importantly actionable results! As a high-tech strategy consultant, I am faced with solving challenging problems on a daily basis. I find myself relying on many of the techniques I learned from Gerald every day. I would describe Gerald with a single word: “magic!””
Chris Sorensen Owner, Lake Forest Venture Management

“Gerald worked with our company to educate new product development teams on innovation, techniques and exercises to ideate, ways to screen and evaluate ideas and eventually to develop our own "Ideation Lab." Gerald is personal, results driven and very easy to work with. His methods are approachable and his enthusiasm contagious.”
Ellen McLaughlin
– Allstate

“Gerald, his tools and his team provide an invaluable and innovative resource to those of us who would like to think we have the capacity for creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. The KnowBrainer tool for example deftly allows a group to move beyond the 'wall' that is sometimes experienced during the creative/brainstorming process. The best and initial experience I would recommend to any group looking to work with Gerald is to actually attend a facilitated session at the Thinkubator in Chicago for a day. After that, offsite sessions and other interactive meetings will take on an entirely new energy.”
Dae Markus – Levy Restaurants

“Gerald has been a source of creative inspiration for me. His KnowBrainer tool is one of the easiest and most effective tools out there to use in the brainstorming process. His Thinkubator is wonderful and I strongly recommend his work and his process to anyone needing to find a way to "ask the right questions!” Mike Thompson, Pres. Interlude Empowerment Coaching.”
Mike Thompson– President/CEO, Interlude Empowerment Coaching

“It is a pleasure to work with Gerald and the Solution People team. From amazingly innovative space at the Thinkubator to the handy No Brainer tool - you can't run out of ideas if you have Gerald on your side!”
Jennifer Mounce – Executive Coach - Coach Effect 

“Gerald, in my opinion is one of the great creative thinkers in the Chicagoland area - his ideas are YEARS ahead of others in his field-always dependable, never boring, it is always a pleasure to connect with Gerald, and I am glad to know him!”
Jeff Willinger – ASA Sales Systems, Vice President of Sales

“There's no one better than Gerald at eliciting engagement, understanding, and innovation from professionals who need to meet challenges, solve problems, or create new opportunities. I've worked with Gerald to help people from a variety of industries -- retail, CPGs, healthcare -- identify exactly what their key issues are and then uncover creative, actionable ideas for achieving their goals. His enthusiasm is infectious, his knowledge and brainstorming methodologies are impressive, and the one-of-a-kind "Thinkubator" space he has created is amazing. Most important, he helps organizations move forward and get the results they need.”
Diane Landsman – Street Level Studio, Director

“I've had the pleasure and benefit of experiencing two innovation sessions led by Gerald and his team at The Thinkubator. I've participated (and led) brainstorming sessions for a more than 20 years, yet the knowledge and value I've gained from Gerald's unique combination of humble expertise, action-oriented tools and a personality that inspires people to give their best to a project have made me a better consultant, nay, a better person.”
Jed Weiner – White Oak Communications & Consultant to Baxter Healthcare

“Gerald Haman has dedicated his life to the study and practice of helping people learning how to understand and connect to their own creative problem solving abilities so that they can innovate more effectively. He has worked with marquee clients and has a stellar reputation in the innovation learning space. I highly recommend him - he is ethical, kind, smart and knows a ton about the cognitive and emotional processes that impact creativity and innovation for bottom line business results. Working with him is truly a pleasure!”  
Demetra AnagnostopoulosInteraction Associates, Senior Associate

“We love the KnowBrainer! I was a guest at one of Gerald's incredibly energetic and informational workshops while living in Chicago, and I am a heavy proponent of his "KnowBrainer" tool for innovation. It actually helps you generate ideas... We often have our staff and partners, as well as our clients use Gerald's tools and methods to innovate during the creative preproduction and design process when creating film and TV projects, as well as special events. I find his tools and strategies invaluable for fleshing out ideas, troubleshooting, writing blocks, and brainstorming. What I love most about Gerald's program is that he actually gives you functional TOOLS that you can walk away with and use immediately... Unlike many other "consultants" and business lecturers or keynote speakers... No flowery speeches, no useless buzzwords, and no popular but superficial business "trends" ... but ACTUAL TOOLS you can put to use immediately. When you are done at his amazing "Thinkubator" office or even after a session in your own office, not only have you had a great time, but you have a great tool, and are empowered to create ideas and innovate. If only he made one to help you execute on the ideas!!!”
Jason Metcalfe – Freedom Film Productions

“Gerald is one of those people who have chosen the perfect profession. The talent and skills he possesses integrate perfectly with his "innovative" company. He is an excellent speaker, both entertaining and credible, but is most impressive in that he does offer real "solutions." Gerald is also an original, considering the highly useful KnowBrainer tool to his Thinkubator office space. Those organizations who are in need of "out of the box" inspiration can find no better solution than Gerald and his SolutionPeople employees. I highly recommend them.”
Don Sandel– IPC International, Senior Vice President of Training & Development

“Gerald is a born motivator and leader -- and even more impressive is his ability to teach everyone that innovation lives inside every one of us. He's a master at bringing that out! Gerald has a great appreciation for people from all backgrounds and industries and relishes the opportunity to help people recognize their innate talents & strengths. A day at the Thinkubator is a golden opportunity for managers, employees & anyone looking to improve life in the workplace and beyond. I look forward to working with Gerald again soon!”
Abby Polonsky – WGN & Chicago Cubs Radio

“We are commencing an innovation process, and like anything it takes time. Not only has Gerald positively influenced everyone he has met, I see him as becoming an active change agent through his inspiration, enthusiasm, to genuineness to help our company become more innovative. The more we get to use Gerald the better, and it is making positive inroads. I am certain it will continue. Personally, Gerald has greatly got me to question and question until I have broken down all assumptions. It has really spun out some interesting ideas that will hopefully work its way to innovations.
Erin Fitzgerald – Dairy Management Inc., Director Strategic Planning

“I consider Gerald a mentor in the field of innovation and creativity. Gerald has an amazing capacity for creativity and is always looking for new ways to engage and amaze his clients. I had the privilege of working with Gerald on several projects and also served as an innovation coach for some of his clients during Accelerated Innovation trainings at the Thinkubator in Chicago. From Gerald I learned the amazing opportunities the KnowBrainer tool has for groups of people both within and outside the same company. I also had an opportunity to help develop some of the innovation coach training materials and delivery options. In addition, I worked with Gerald on several team facilitations and Brain Game facilitations. No matter what we were working on, I always learned a lot from my interactions with Gerald. I look forward to more collaboration with Gerald and SolutionPeople!”  
Jodee Bock– Bock's Office Transformational Consulting

“Gerald is an innovator who can inspire and draw out the best in any group. He teaches the fundamentals of innovation like the Brain Game and provides interactive learning that creates results. He helps people access mind and heart and that's what creates memorable and lasting results! It's always a success with Gerald!”
Mary DeNoble – Children's Hospital & Health System, Director, Organization Development

“Gerald is the most knowledgeable individual I know in the field of problem solving. Working with him at the Thinkubator is always stimulating and a real education. He attracts very bright people and his network is world class. His tools like the "KnowBrainer" and his facilitation techniques like building a "question bank" are truly effective, achieving immediate results. I would certainly recommend him to anyone seeking brainstorming methodology. He is also a very personable individual, extending himself and his organization freely. I'm glad I know Gerald Sincerely.”
Tom Aitken– Novus Resource, President

“I have the opportunity to collaborate with Gerald for more than a decade -- using SolutionPeople tools, taking classes on innovation process, considering the impact of workspace design on creativity, and forming facilitator teams for large meetings. I recommend him and his approach to anyone or any team looking to create more ideas to move forward faster.”
Mark Stinson– Stinson Brand Innovation

“Gerald and his team and SolutionPeople have developed an excellent process for innovation that is strategic, creative and a lot of fun! The Thinkubator environment helps foster creativity and the tools that he uses are a big help in brainstorming and ideation. I highly recommend working with Gerald if you are interested in breakthrough innovation.”
Joey Iazzetto– UniCom Marketing Group, President

“Gerald and his SolutionPeople colleagues are an absolute delight to work with. I arrived a little skeptical, but left revitalized and with new insights into the process of innovation. Going back for more will be a "KnowBrainer."
Gail Barnes – Dairy Management Inc., Vice President of Business Development

“Gerald is all fun and all work. By that I mean he knows how to get a company to think innovation in lots of fun ways that end up with real results. I've participated in one of his whole day innovation sessions in his Thinkubator and there is nothing like it to energize you creativity. I also use his KnowBrainer regularly in the critical and creative thinking workshops that I do.”
Hazel Wagner– B9D, President

“I have worked with Gerald and his SolutionPeople colleagues on several projects over the years, and it is always a delight. It isn't often that one gets the opportunity to go on a fun and creative journey that delivers high-yielding results. I think Gerald's true gift is the way that he expertly incorporates the right amounts of levity and learning to challenge people to rethink their business.”
Robin Busse – Motorola

“I've actually collaborated with Gerald on a number of occasions. I participated in training sessions at the Incubator, recommended Solution People to one of my clients for a successful joint venture and even rented the Incubator for an event. I've had many ah -ha moments in using the KnowBrainer and have taught Solution People techniques to my staff and colleagues. Working with Gerald is like having your personal innovation advisor. It's a win-win and fun too!”
Lynn Hazan– Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc.

“Gerald is an expert in the field of creativity and innovation. His workshop and KnowBrainer tool are second to none. If I EVER had a need or desire to think or to be more creative, I would and will contact Gerald. He is a true professional and very passionate about his work. You will not be disappointed.”  
Tracy Laverty – Laverty Consulting

“Gerald organized and ran a multi-day, in-house innovation meeting for our company and did an excellent job, managing to get even those of us with a more negative attitude towards such things to participate :-) He worked hard for long hours, and remained personable at all times.”
Jim Edwards – Continental Automotive Systems

“I had the good fortune to partner with Gerald on creation and delivery of a Question Banking tutorial for some of Motorola's best and brightest innovators. Gerald partners extremely well, diving deep into the unique cultural barriers to change in an organization and customizing his materials to make a profound impact on the thinking and behavior of innovators. I found him an extremely good listener and work partner, who respectfully deferred to internal expertise and was open to tailoring his tools and techniques for the intended audience. We not only were able to shift the thinking among Motorolans engaged in our workshops, but I broadened and deepened my personal approaches to innovation and creative problem solving.”
Maria Thompson – Motorola

“Gerald's process for generating creative ideas and making use of those ideas (innovation) is remarkably unique. His expertise informs every client -- there are ways of using your company's brain trust -- four types of accelerated innovation that turn every member of the organization into a creative/innovative contributor. His art is bringing people together.”
Martin Baker – Headbuzz Advertising

“Gerald Haman can guide generation of anything new and profitable. He has stuck to improving his products and services for the 20 years I have known him. We have created together and worked together on many projects. Mr. Haman has an exemplary product. He offers clear and actionable training (with follow-up) to help professionals incorporate his tools in their thinking and in their implementation.”
Chavah Golden– Computing Solutions, CEO

“If you ever find yourself in search of an idea, just call Gerald. He has several extras at hand. He's a great mind, a great dad, a great karaoke performer and a great all-around guy.”
Dave Skwarczek– Streams, President/CEO
“If you need ideas, Gerald's your Solutionman.”
Tim Sullivan– UNLEASH Buzz

“I was a client of Gerald's and his Thinkubator service as an employee of a team at Motorola that needed some help with out-of-the-box creative solution building. What an experience! Fantastic energy, great tools, almost instant synergy and tangible outcome and actions to take away. Loved the experience and I look forward to tapping Gerald and the Thinkubator team again in the future.”
Karin Melberg – Motorola

“Creativity is both an art and a science - and Gerald "Solutionman" Haman is a genius in both respects. The Thinkubator is an experience not to be missed by any executive with responsibility for vision and strategy...”
Mary Spada – Digitale, President, CEO

“I met Gerald through the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, and had the opportunity to hear him speak at a meeting. Then I attended a seminar in his Thinkubator space. His idea generation methods push the envelope on one's approach to thinking through a marketing challenge and developing solutions.”
Susan Kryl – Kryl & Company


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