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If You Answered YES, Attend SolutionPeople’s Award-Winning Workshop and Train Your Brain to Think Better, Faster and Smarter.


Gerald “Solutionman” Haman invites you and your team to join him and his Certified Innovation Coaches for two powerful days of training that accelerates innovation and unleashes your full creative potential. Make plans to attend one of these upcoming public workshops:

Learn to Apply Proven Innovation Processes and Innovate Faster with the KnowBrainer Tool that Increases Creativity by over 500%

Learning & Training Objectives
  • KNOW innovation processes, tools and techniques to accelerate innovation and leverage the whole brain
  • APPLY Accelerated Innovation™ process and KnowBrainer® Tool to real goals, challenges and problems
  • DEVELOP plans to improve innovation performance and apply more innovative thinking to key opportunities

  • Investments Create Dividends: Earn a Guaranteed ROI (Return On Ideas)

    The award-winning 2-day workshop is designed to help you develop ideas and action plans to address your real-world goals, challenges and problems. SolutionPeople guarantees that you will leave with ideas worth more than your tuition investment.  Tuition is $2,497 per person or $1,250 per day. A survey of over 1,000 graduates indicated that 80% of them generated ideas valued at over $50,000 from the Accelerated Innovation Training. One team of 25 people yielded solutions valued at over $273 million. If you do not feel you have gained at least $2,000 worth of value, you can ask for a refund or take the course again. SolutionPeople is confident you will generate ideas worth much more. 

    Bring your innovation dream team and learn how to “collaborate-to-innovate” and SAVE money. Invest $2,497 for 1 person, invest $1,997 per person for 2-4 people (Save 20%) or invest $1627 per person for 5 or more people and SAVE 35%. Register one person today by visiting our SolutionStore and using a convenient credit card. If you are registering several people, Click here to download PDF of a faxable registration form.

    Day 1 Agenda - 8:30am-5:00pm 
    Day 2 Agenda - 8:30am-5:00pm
    08:30am – Speed-Relating™ Networking
  • Relate-to-Innovate™ Workshop Preparation Technique
    Know Brains
  • Understanding How Brains Think
  • Know Your Brain Game™ Experience
  • 4Brain Innovation™ Model
  • Collaborate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Appreciate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Know Goals
  • Clarifying Goals, Challenges and Problems
  • 8 Great Questions™ on Innovation
    Know Needs
  • Understanding the Need for Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • Clarifying the Barriers and Blocks to Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • Decorate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Questionate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Know Processes
  • Leveraging the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process
  • The M-Curve: How to Generate Breakthrough Ideas Faster
  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking
  • Accelerate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Know Tools
  • Thinking with the KnowBrainer® Tool
  • Train Your Brain™ Strategies
  • Building Bigger and Better Innovation Tool Kits
  • KnowBrainer Techniques
  • Stimulate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Leveraging the Full Power of the KnowBrainer
  • KnowBrainer FlashThinking™ Brainstorming Technique
  • KnowBrainer Questionating™ Technique
  • KnowBrainer Visualating™ Technique
  • KnowBrainer Quotemplating™ Technique
  • KnowBrainer Translating™ Technique
  • KnowBrainer Power Tool Techniques™ Menu
  • 12:00pm – Lunch & Networking
  • Quotemplate-to-Innovate™ Networking
  • Karaoke-ate-to-Innovate™
  • Know Better Brainstorming Techniques
  • World Record Setting Thinkathon™ and Idea Exchange™ Techniques
  • Increasing Creativity by over 500% with the KnowBrainer
  • Questionate-to-Innovate™ Methods
  • How to Develop Question Banks  
  • 8 Great Questions™ to Questionate-to-Innovate™
  • Know More Innovation Tools
  • Innovation Software
  • Innovation eTools for iPods & Smart Phones
  • Templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Templates for Mind Mapping software
  • Idea Fan Note Recorders
  • Journals
  • Targeting Opportunities for Applied Innovation
  • New Products & Services Innovation
  • Selling & Sales Innovation
  • Marketing, PR & Promotions Innovation
  • Meeting & Event Planning Innovation
  • Leadership & Management Innovation
  • Design & Experiences Innovation
  • Environment & Space Design Innovation
  • Learning & Development Innovation
  • Communications Innovation
  • Strategic Planning Innovation
  • Green & Sustainability Innovation
  • Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process
  • Stage 1: Investigate Needs - Investigate-to-Innovate™
  • Stage 2: Create Ideas - Create-to-Innovate™ - Part 1
  • Review & Evaluation 05:00pm – Conclusion of Day 1
    08:30am – Speed-Relating™ Networking
  • Relate-to-Innovate™ Networking
  • Welcome: Overnight Insights Day 1 Review
  • Overnight Insights™ Technique
  • Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process
  • Stage 2: Create Ideas - Create-to-Innovate™ - Part 2
  • 12:00pm – Lunch & Networking
  • Relate-to-Innovate™ Networking
  • Karaoke-ate-to-Innovate™
  • Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process
  • Stage 3: Evaluate Solutions - Evaluate-to-Innovate™
  • Stage 4: Activate Plans - Activate-to-Innovate™
  • Know Value
  • Communicate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Facilitate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • ROI Strategies: Return On Ideas, Return On Implementation and Return On Innovation™
     Collaborate-to-Innovate, Part 2
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Know Action
  • Activate-to-Innovate™ Strategies to Facilitate Follow Through
  • 88 Great Words That Help You Activate-to-Innovate™
  • 8 Great Questions™ to Decorate-to-Innovate™
  • Getting Things Done the David Allen Way
  • Continuous Innovation™
  • Celebrate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Replicate-to-Innovate™ Strategies
  • Conclusion & Speed-Activating™ Networking
  • Activate-to-Innovate™ Follow-up Networking Technique
    Review & Evaluation
    05:00pm – Graduation

    Learn Why Solutionman Appreciates Words that End in ATE!

    Gerald “Solutionman” Haman and SolutionPeople have perfected an innovation vocabulary and language that inspires innovators to take ACTION. Most of the words end with the letters ATE. During the workshop you will learn to apply the following 20 Great Innovation Strategies.

  • Investigate-to-Innovate™
  • Create-to-Innovate™
  • Evaluate-to-Innovate™
  • Activate-to-Innovate™
  • Celebrate-to-Innovate™
  • Replicate-to-Innovate™
  • Questionate-to-Innovate™
  • Relate-to-Innovate™
  • Communicate-to-Innovate™
  • Collaborate-to-Innovate™
  • Facilitate-to-Innovate™
  • Accelerate-to-Innovate™
  • Appreciate-to-Innovate™
  • Stimulate-to-Innovate™
  • Decorate-to-Innovate™
  • Quotemplate-to-Innovate™
  • Visualate-to-Innovate™
  • Karaoke-ate-to-Innovate™
  • Concentrate-to-Innovate™
  • Affiliate-to-Innovate™

    Our Training Offers You Much More Than a Typical Workshop

    Helpful Prework: Your Training Starts Before the Workshop

  • Participate in 60-minute Pre-Workshop Preparation Coaching Webinar:Anticipate-to-Innovate
  • Complete Innovation Needs & Experiences ThinkAhead™ Survey
  • Study KnowBrainer Tool HeadStart™ Guide
  • Preview 50 Questions on Recordion™ Learning & Coaching Guide

  • Effective Follow-Through:
    Your Training Continues After the Workshop
  • Participate in Follow-up Coaching Webinar: Activate-to-Innovate
  • Conduct three 30-60-minute “Solution Sessions” with other people who have goals, challenges or problems
  • Participate in Follow-up Webinar: KnowBrainer Power Tool Techniques™
  • Attend Monthly Innovation Webinars with other workshop  graduates and KnowBrainer Tool owners
  • Valuable Participant Tools & Learning Resources
    Are Better Than Traditional Materials

    “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

    Research shows that “lack of tools” is a primary block to creativity and innovation. Innovators want MORE TOOLS, and FEWER PowerPoint decks, 3-ring binders and books. Traditional 3-ring binders are seldom used after training and become learning trophies that collect dust on bookshelves. SolutionPeople’s innovative training materials equip learners with real hand-held tools in a variety of formats that can be easily and frequently used after the training. The compact KnowBrainer tool summarizes the entire Accelerated Innovation Process into a portable tool that can be taken anywhere and does not require computer hardware or software. The tool actually fits in a pocket, briefcase or purse.

    Here is a complete list of the all the tools and resources you will receive during the training:

  • KnowBrainer® 4.0 Innovation Tool
  • Recordion™ Learning & Coaching Guide
  • Innovation Resource Kit™
  • 4-Column Left Brain Planning Worksheets
  • 4-Quadrant Right Brain Planning Worksheets
  • Idea Exchange™ Brainstorming Worksheets
  • Solution Evaluator™ Worksheets
  • Color Mini Posters of Innovation Models
  • Bookmarks & Desktop Learning Reminders
  • Speed-Relating™ Innovative Networking Cards
  • Speed-Activating™ Innovative Networking Cards
  • How to Questionate-to-Innovate™ Guide
  • Innovation Articles

  • Optional Resources Available at Special Discounted Savings:
  • FlashBrainer™ − KnowBrainer® Software for Computers
  • PodBrainer™  − KnowBrainer®  eTool  for iPods & Smart Phones
  • Innovation™ Activator Software
  • Innovation™Activator eTool for iPods/Smart Phones
  • Word-Brainer™ Template Microsoft® Word
  • Excel-Brainer™ Template Microsoft® Excel
  • Power-Brainer™ Template Microsoft® PowerPoint
  •™ KnowBrainer® Database Website
  • InnovativeBrain™ iMusic CDs
  • Innovation Templates for Mind Manager® MindMapping Software
  • Experience Creative Training at SolutionPeople’s Highly-Acclaimed Thinkubator


    SolutionPeople created the Thinkubator® because Gerald Haman believes “if you want to think outside of the box, you should not put your brain in a box.” The Thinkubator is an ideal space to experience creativity in action and become inspired by a wide variety of innovative resources. Many people have reported that an added benefit of experiencing the training in thought-provoking environments like the Thinkubator is that they are inspired to borrow ideas to improve their own workspaces, conference rooms, offices or cubicles. Guests will learn how SolutionPeople applied their proven Decorate-to-Innovate™ method to create one of the world’s most unique innovation centers.  

    Be Personally Trained by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman


    Gerald Haman is founding partner of SolutionPeople®, developer of the Thinkubator® in Chicago, and serves as an adjunct professor of innovation at Northwestern University. Formerly with Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen, he is the award-winning inventor of the KnowBrainer® Innovation tool. Haman created the world’s first innovative thinking applications for the iPod (the PodBrainer™), and developed the FlashBrainer™ and Innovation Activator™ software programs. He has been profiled in over 50 major news publications including FAST Company, The New York Times, Newsweek Japan and Investor’s Business Daily. Haman is editor of Innovators Digest and founder of

    SolutionPeople has helped over 160 of the Fortune 500 companies and customers in 26 countries. More than 50% of BusinessWeek’s Top 25 of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” have used SolutionPeople’s innovative products and services. The American Society for Training & Development awarded SolutionPeople a “Learning Excellence Citation” for their innovation training results. SolutionPeople, IBM, Southwest Airlines and other innovative companies have been profiled for their innovative business practices in the book, Creating Customer Evangelists. Haman holds a Masters Degree in Communications and Training from the University of Minnesota. Haman has been recognized by clients as “Solutionman” because of his ability to quickly help people develop breakthrough solutions. Since launching SolutionPeople in 1989, his firm has helped clients generate more than three million ideas valued at over two billion dollars. Solutionman gained international acclaim for establishing a world brainstorming record by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon® at the Singapore Stadium to generate 454,000 ideas in less than 60 minutes.

    Get Recognition & Support to Grow Your Networks After the Workshops
    Graduates will be invited to join exclusive Groups organized by SolutionPeople on the Linkedin Professional Network.

    1. KnowBrainer “Trained Brains” Network
    2. Innovation People 
    3. Innovative Meeting & Event Design Professionals
    4. New Product & Service Innovators
    5. Sales & Selling Professionals
    6. Marketing & Public Relations Innovators 
    7. Green Sustainability Innovators

    Group memberships are by invitation only and accepted Group members can display the logos on their Linkedin profiles and business cards. Additional Groups have been organized on Linkedin for people who have completed SolutionPeople’s intensive certifications for Innovation Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches.


    Leading Author’s Recommend SolutionPeople’s Training & Expertise
    A Google search reveals over 50,000 references to Gerald Haman and SolutionPeople’s innovation training and tools. Haman has been quoted or SolutionPeople has been recommended in many leading books.

    1. Innovation Training (ASTD Trainer's Workshop) by Ruth Ann Hattori
    2. Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force
      by Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba, and Guy Kawasaki
    3. 99% Inspiration by Bryan Mattimore
    4. Creativity and Innovation: The ASTD Trainer's Sourcebook by Elaine Biech
    5. How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard by Robert Kriegel
    6. Thinking about the Future, Guidelines for Strategic Foresight by Andy Hines
    7. The Forward-Focused Organization : Visionary Thinking and Breakthrough Leadership to Create Your Company's Future by Stephen Harper
    8. The Psychology of Money by Jim Ware
    9. The 100 Percent Factor: Living Your Capacity by Jodee Bock
    10. Summoned to Lead by Dr. Leonard Sweet

     Training is Highly Recommended – Read Quotes from Graduates & Customers
     “Accelerated Innovation is one-of-a-kind program that has generated a 75% increase in innovation knowledge, 30% increase in innovation ability, and has created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies, as well as billions worth of new accounts.”
    – Quote from Learning Excellence Citation Award by the American Society for Training & Development

    “I hired Gerald to train our product management team on innovation this past year. His knowledge, approach, and tools were excellent. I would highly recommend him if you want to jump start your organization on producing innovative programs, products or services.”
    – Dan Love, President, Medline Industries Personal Care (over 100 Medline people have experienced the training)
    “I loved the offices of SolutionPeople and Gerald Haman is a jewel in the crown of Chicago business. Gerald has really been working in the trenches of the innovation field for 17 years! Gerald has a real and loyal following. His clients are not generally three guys in a garage. They include firms like Allstate and McDonald's. The offices of SolutionPeople are so intriguing that Gerald could probably charge for tours.”
    – Ron May, Journalist, The May Report (graduate of Accelerated Innovation Workshop)

    “Gerald has the unique ability to inspire remarkable creativity and great ideas from individuals or in a group-setting that WORK and deliver business RESULTS. We utilized his skills in a number of areas and each time we met with success.”
    – Bruce MacMillan, CEO, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
       (over 500 MPI members and staff have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation and creativity training)

    “I can't tell you how helpful Gerald and the tools he created have been! I attended Gerald's Accelerated Innovation training and then sent the rest of my department. I have also become a facilitator and have been able to share the tools, knowledge and skills I learned from Gerald with others. Whenever I hold or attend a meeting, people are amazed at the amount and quality of ideas that come out it. I attribute much of that to Gerald's tools and training.”
    – Katie Schelp, McDonald's Corporation, Training and Communication Events Manager
        (thousands of McDonald's people have benefited SolutionPeople’s innovation techniques and tools)

    “I have worked with Gerald and SolutionPeople many times during my tenure at American Express. He and his team do great work to open creative processes at companies and within teams.”
    – Lisa Gregg, American Express, Vice President of Consumer Marketing
        (over 1,000 American Express people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “SolutionPeople was approached by Kraft to assist and facilitate in several projects that required creative and innovative solutions. Gerald was able to bring a fresh perspective, and employ an effective process that led to real solutions and not just random ideas. In taking the process further Gerald was able to develop a proprietary instrument for Kraft that was extremely effective in both generating ideas and stimulating the innovation process for our key development platforms.”
    – James Andrade, Kraft Foods Asia Pacific, Vice President of R&D
        (over 1,000 Kraft people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)
    “Gerald is a phenomenal leader in the area of innovation. His methodologies, personal energy and enthusiasm made him very effective in working with my team. His Thinkubator, KnowBrainer, Idea Exchange and other tools enabled my organization to energize our innovation and resulted in tripling our innovative output. We have regained our industry leadership position for innovation as a result of his training.”
    – Gary Peterson, Life Fitness, Vice President of R&D
        (over 50 Life Fitness people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “Gerald is one of the most creative people I know. His Thinkubator meeting space in Chicago is amazing!”
    – Chuck Frey,
     “Innovation is the life-blood of an organization yet so hard to harness. Gerald and his SolutionPeople have made this balancing act far easier, offering ways to ensure each team is 'packed' with just the right blend of people. Within an hour he had 500 American Express managers dancing to a different tune, one that had us poised for even more greatness. In a world of innovation imposters, Gerald is the real deal.”
    – David Schoenberger, American Express
    “Gerald has devoted his life to helping develop the creative potential of others and in this area, I consider him a pioneer, but what differentiates Gerald from others in this area is his ability to operationalize these creative ideas into true innovations, many of which touch our lives every day.”
    – John Nawn, Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), VP of Education
        (over 50 PCMA members and staff have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “Working with Gerald is nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Gerald demonstrates his knowledge of Innovation & Creativity better than anybody I have met to date. Gerald can discern a complex business problem down to its core elements leveraging his tools and make solving the situation fun. The tools that Gerald developed are relevant, actionable and fun to use. I find Gerald and his team of skilled professionals an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommend Gerald and SolutionPeople.”
    – Michael Woodard, Georgia-Pacific, Director of Sales Training
        (over 300 people from Michael’s previous employee, PepsiCo, have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “I've had the pleasure of working with SolutionPeople for the past 2 years and have recommended him and his firm without hesitation. Using the concepts and ideas presented in his Accelerated Innovation workshops has paid dividends to my organization. When Gerald describes ROI (Return on Ideas), it was a real outcome for each of the teams. We walked away with more ideas than we could have imagined and left the workshops with concrete ways to implement them. The tools, the facilitation, and his consulting are all first rate.”
    – Raymond Truitt, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director of Training
        (over 100 TAP people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

     “Gerald is an expert on the product innovation process. He leads high-energy, productive sessions to generate new ideas. He has developed tools which I have found lead to more effective brainstorming sessions. His SolutionPeople approach is the innovation equivalent to high impact aerobics - gets the creative juices flowing as aerobics gets pulse flowing!”
    – Walter Blotkamp, Capital One, Senior Director of Brand Strategy & Research
        (over 500 Capital One people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “Gerald is an innovative leader in the challenging field of creating and evaluating ideas. Gerald has developed some of the best methods I have ever experienced. We learned to imagine more effectively and build consensus rapidly around the right ideas. I recommend SolutionPeople. They have skill, they partner, and they helped me deliver.”
    – Chris Christenson, Dow Chemical, Research Fellow
        (over 3,000 Dow Chemical people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “I definitely went out on a limb by hiring Gerald for our Client Summit. His approach is unlike any typically seen in our industry and my theme was The Age of Ingenuity (no pressure). I am a proponent of trying new ideas and the ‘Solutionman’ certainly has many of those...!”
    – Robin Simkins, Google DoubleClick Performics, Vice President of Marketing

     “Gerald has been such an inspiration - he has amazing energy as a leader of innovation and as a human being! I thoroughly enjoyed his Accelerated Innovation workshop at the Thinkubator in Chicago and would recommend it to others who are seeking innovation training.” 
    – Tori Berndt, Allstate, Senior Enterprise Communications
        (over 600 Allstate people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “Gerald's great strength is the depth of his knowledge in innovation techniques and process. He was able to quickly customize approaches that led to great ideations for innovative strategies for diverse topics, including innovative approaches to AT&T's Olympic sponsorship and HD satellite TV content.”
    – Christian Donahue, GSD&M Advertising, Planning Director
        (over 100 GSD&M people have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “You wowed us!  The Accelerated Innovation training was even better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot after hearing your riveting presentation at PCMA education day.”
    – Deidre Irwin Ross, Director, Conference Services, American Library Association
        (over 200 Library Association members and staff have experienced SolutionPeople’s innovation training)

    “Gerald Haman & SolutionPeople are on the cutting edge of innovation education. No matter what your problems, his team can find creative and actionable solutions. I highly recommend his training services and the KnowBrainer tool!”
    – Rob Kozinets, Ph.D., MBA, former Marketing Professor, Northwestern University/Kellogg, currently at York University Schulich School of Business

    “Accelerated Innovation training with the KnowBrainer tool has made it easy for our internal and international trainers to foster more creativity and innovation in our company throughout the world.”
    – Andy Hines, former Ideation Manager at Dow Chemical and author of Thinking About the Future

    "Gerald Haman's training, techniques, KnowBrainer tool, his SolutionPeople staff and the Thinkubator, make thinking and problem solving fun and charming again, as it was in our youth... It’s addictive!"
    – Jerry Meyerhoff, Engineer & Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Continental Automotive

    “The Accelerated Innovation training featuring the KnowBrainer has taught our Australian clients to take a new look at the value of creativity and innovation. SolutionPeople engages groups from the start and takes them on a big ride to results.”
    – Andrea Renwick, Managing Consultant, Swinburne University, (one of 20 Certified KnowBrainer Trainers in Australia)

    “While it may be easy to get lost in the multitude of offerings from other innovation experts or consultants, SolutionPeople's stands out with a proven track record of success. SolutionPeople helped me and Red Bull better identify goals, challenges and opportunities and then address them through a proven 4-stage process that suspends normal business thinking and opens up brainpower to new possibilities. Haman's innovation and creativity training combined with the KnowBrainer tool have given us a fresh way to focus on our challenges and to quickly break through ‘stuck’ thinking.”
    – Dana Montenegro, Red Bull, Driver of Culture, Innovation & Inspiration for Latin America & Caribbean

    Convenient Registration Options Save You Money!
    Invest $2,497 for 1 person ($998 per day), invest $1,597 per person for 2-4 people (Save 20% - $798 per day) or invest $892 per person for 5 or more people and SAVE 40% ($599 per day) Register one person today by visiting our SolutionStore and using a convenient credit card. If you are registering several people, Click here to download PDF of a faxable registration form.

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